The Divers Recall is looking for someone to take over the online store. This is just the physical store and not the entire Recall.
The store generates a good amount of money for the reunion and the reunion costs around $20-$30k a year. We can’t make that money by entrance fee only. It relies on sponsorship donations and product sales. Products are sold year around through the store.
After several years of working the Recall, it’s time for me (Chuck Bloom) to retire.
Anyone interested in helping has to know that it can be somewhat time consuming, typically a few hours a week. It would be best if the person is local to the Hampton Roads area. As far as website maintenance, I can continue to help.
If we don’t get anyone to volunteer by May 1st 2022, I will shut the store down and the Recall will lose that continued revenue. It’s because of the store we don’t have to hold fund raisers anymore.
You can contact me through our Facebook page or text me directly if you have my number.