2020 Recall Update


July 31, 2020
Well, I guess we are on hold!!
Governor has put Hampton Roads to a 50 person limit for gatherings. We will monitor the situation and update as things change. If we are still at this limit by September 5 than we will have to cancel the Recall scheduled for September 12.
If you have made donations for the 2020 Recall it will count for next year.


July 20, 2020
We got our ABC license so the 27th Divers Recall is currently a GO!! We still have a lot of logistics to work out and we will need extra volunteers during the Recall. We are going to have some safety measures in place for the safety and well being of our Deep Sea family and friends. There will be more details as the event gets closer. Just a note, if the state rolls back phase 3 or limits gatherings to 50 then the Recall will be cancelled.